Thurs 29th - Sat 31st January, 2015

A brand new play written by our own J.R. Allen
Twice winner of 'Best New Writing Award' at the
Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre (2013 and 2014)

WP To The Manor Dead

The Manor, a small country hotel, is at risk of being sold to developers!

In order to find a new business, the manager has decided to run a Murder Mystery Weekend, although she didn't plan for an actual murder.

So... is it that so many of the guests know each other, (intimately, in some cases...)?
...why is it that you just can't get the staff?
...what will happen to the Manor?

Oh, and whodunnit anyway?!

Pictures by Cluny MacPherson

Cast (in character alphabetical order)
Finley Biggers
Brian Seaton
Seraphina Bird
Heather Dalton
Glenn Chance
Mike May
Emma Churchill
Sarah Jones
Laraine Delaney
Nicki Cornwell
Melanie Forester
Janet MacPherson
Hunter Henderson
Paul Robinson
Jacqueline Henderson
Nina Wilson
Johnny Lawson
Edmund Lahiff
Ben Lockwood
Peter Wilson
Grace Pritchard
Sonia Lahiff
Victor Timothy
Phil Clarke
Karen Waite
Pamela May

Directed by Jenni Allen