Thursday 12th - Saturday 14th May, 2011

Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of
'The Longest Night' of the Blitz - May 10th-11th, 1941

Wanstead Players - St Crispin's Night

On the night of Saturday and Sunday 10th-11th May 1941, the sky over Southern Britain was filled with the distinctive beat of German aircraft engines as the Luftwaffe made once more for East London.

This night would be different. It was to be one of the heaviest raids of the blitz.

Against this appalling background “St Crispin’s Night” recalls in dramatic detail the experiences of a group of East Londoners taking refuge in their shelter in the crypt of St Crispin’s church during what came to be known as “The Longest Night”.

These are ordinary people, trying to lead ordinary lives caught up in the most extraordinary events. People, whose emotions had already been calloused by nine months of bombing.

Written with warmth and humanity, by Winifred Beaumont who had been an air raid shelter nurse in Hackney during the blitz, the play tells a fascinating story. Whilst the individual characters she depicts are fictitious, their situations and emotions are all too real.

Lil Chennery
Dorrie Atkinson
Johnny Carter
Dan Wilson
Maggie Browning
Nina Wilson
Sally Browning
Sarah Jones
Bill Browning
Peter Wilson
Owen Roberts
Ron Atkinson
Conor Mannion
David Blake
Edmund Lahiff
Brian Seaton
Spencer Simmons
Julian White
Les House
Fritz's Missus
Rose Lewis
Carrie Beeson
Maggie Shelter
Becky Brown
Heather Dalton
Helen Matthews
Van Man
Robert Hayward

Directed by Mike Reed