Thurs 7th - Sat 9th February, 2013

A Dramatic Society is assembling on the stage of a church hall to rehearse a production of a mystery-thriller under its somewhat dictatorial director Philip Stephens.

Events and strains within the company, however, more than equal those in in the play they are to present. Philip’s wife is friendlier than is wise with a young man of the company, a “prowler” is in the neighbourhood and attacks one of the girls, an unpleasant caretaker tries a little blackmail and one of the women seems to know him from the past.

The rehearsal proceeds under difficulties until a death brings the situation of the who-dunnit even more closely into real life.

Alan Wilson
Dino Sardella
Margaret Stephens
Heather Dalton
Ted Smith
Mike May
Philip Stephens
Edmund Lahiff
Ronnie Meadows Peter Wilson
Phoebe Kershaw
Janet MacPherson
Patricia Robbins
Louise Levy
Doris Stewart Sarah Jones