Thursday 13th - Saturday 15th May, 2010
Moonlight & Magnolias Animated -Brian Seaton
The hilarious 'true' story behind the writing of a classic movie... with bananas!

By Ron Hutchinson

Directed by Spencer Simmons

Wanstead Players - Moonlight & Magnolias Cast 2010

L-R: Jonathan Meyer, Phil Clarke, Brian Seaton, Jenni Allen (Photo: Kate Seaton)

David O. Selznick
Jonathan Meyer
Ben Hecht
Brian Seaton
Victor Fleming
Phil Clarke
Miss Poppenghul
Jenni Allen

“There’s your first problem.  No Civil War movie ever made a dime. 
Or ever will.”

Hollywood 1939: the novel “Gone With The Wind” is about to become the biggest hit movie in history EXCEPT the maniacal movie producer David O. Selznick has shut down production, fired the director and torn up the script.  He is costing the studio thousands of dollars a day.

Thus begins a comedy of hilarious slapstick as Selznick hires reluctant script doctor Ben Hecht, (author of ‘The Front Page’ and possibly the only person in America who hasn’t read the 1000 page plus book), and director Victor Fleming (fresh from punching Judy Garland and squabbling with drunken Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz”).

Hecht thinks that the book “Gone With The Wind” is another “Moonlight and Magnolias” style piece of rubbish and bound to fail.  Not only that, he says, “No Civil War movie ever made a dime”.

Desperate, Selznick locks his two collaborators and himself in his office with nothing but bananas and peanuts to sustain them.  He and Fleming have just 5 days to act out the whole story for Hecht.

Aided by Miss Poppenguhl, the super efficient secretary, chaos reigns as they work their way from Scarlett O’Hara’s Tara to the burning of Atlanta and back again as everything gradually falls apart.

This highly acclaimed play, written by Ron Hutchinson, the Irish-born playwright and Emmy-winning writer/producer for features and television, was first produced at the Goodman Theatre, Chicago (2004) and debuted in London at the Tricycle Theatre, (2007).

Based on a ‘true’ story, this is a play about which, frankly, my dears, you will give a damn!

Wanstead Players - Moonlight & Magnolias