Thurs 24th - Sat 26th October, 2013

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We are in Berlin in the 1930s where a young Englishman is trying to make it as a writer. To make ends meet he gives English lessons. By pure chance into his life comes a mercurial and irresistible young woman – one Sally Bowles and the play charts the history of their relationship along with that of the disparate group of characters they meet along the way.

All this is played out against the background of the rise of the Nazi party and the plight of Jews in Germany at this time.

Sound familiar?

It might well do to those who know the musical “Cabaret” because this is the play upon which that show was based. John van Druten’s striking, intelligent and arresting drama was in its turn inspired by and adapted from “The Berlin stories” of Christopher Isherwood.

Christopher Isherwood
Daniel Wilson
Fraulein Schneider
Janet MacPherson
Fritz Wendel
Ron Atkinson
Sally Bowles
Sarah Jones
Natalie Landauer Louise Levy
Clive Mortimer
Edmund Lahiff
Mrs Watson-Courtneidge
Nina Wilson

Directed by Mike Reed