DIRECTED by Peter Wilson
The production is dedicated to Terry Lamb with great affection and in memory of the many times we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him.

Thursday 25th - Saturday 27th May 2006
Performance times: 19:45
Sat 11th Matinee: 15:00

in the Main Auditorum at the Kenneth More Theatre

Box Office : 020 8553 4466
(credit cards bookings available)

Ernst   Julian White
Sophie   Janet MacPherson
Justine   Melissa Quinn
Victor Frankenstein   Sean Wilkinson
Elizabeth   Katie Traxton
Henry   Colin Imber
Frau Frankenstein   Joy Wilkinson
The Creature   Eugene Smith

Along with "Dracula", "Frankenstein" must be one of the greatest and mot popular horror story of all time. It was producted on the stage very soon after it was written using all the resources and spectacle of Victorian theartre and pantomime and, with the advent of film, it has appeared in may guises since.

I think it is true to say that it has also suffered from the fact that the more sensational aspects of the story have taken it over and, as a result, the most appalling travesties have been wrought upon Mary Shelley's original tale.

This version doe for dramatic purposes, take some liberties with the original but also preserves the true spirit of what Mary Shelley was saying.

"Frankenstein" is more than just a horror story. It touches on issues which are as relevant today as they were when first raised nearly two hunderd years