DIRECTED by Mike May


This play is completely politically incorrect and any offence caused is wholly intentional!


Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th June 2004
Performance times: 20:00
Sat 21st Matinee: 15:00

in the Main Auditorum at the Kenneth More Theatre

Box Office : 020 8553 4466
(credit cards bookings available)

Eddie Waters
peter WILSON
School Caretaker
  george HALL
Gethin Price
  colin IMBER
Phil Murray
  stuart KEIL
George McBrain
  julian WHITE
Sammy Samuels
  spencer SIMMONS
Mick Connor
  fergal BELL
Ged Murray
  eugene SMITH
Bert Challenor
Mr. Patel
  lestor HASLAM
Club Secretary
  terry LAMB
Concert Pianist
  katherine WILSON
"It's not the jokes. It's what lies behind 'em. It’s the attitude. A real comedian - that's a daring man. He dares to see what his listeners shy away from, fear to express. And what he sees is a sort of truth, about people, about their situation, about what hurts or terrifies them, about what's hard, above all, about what they want. A joke releases the tension, says the unsayable, any joke pretty well. But a true joke, a comedian's joke, has to do more than release tension, it has to liberate the will and the desire, it has to change the situation. There's very little won't take a joke. But when a joke bases itself upon a distortion - a 'stereotype' perhaps - and gives the lie to the truth so as to win a laugh and stay in favour, we've moved away from a comic art and into the world of 'entertainment' and slick success. You're better than that, damn you. And even if you're not, you should bloody well want to be."
"The setting is a schoolroom near Manchester where an evening class of budding comics congregate for a final briefing from their tutor before facing an agent's man from London. Telling jokes for money offers an escape from the building site or the milk round But the humour is a deadly serious business that also involves anger, pain and truth.' Michael Coveney in the Financial Times.