Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th February 2005
Performance times: 19:45
Sat 16th Matinee: 15:00

in the Main Auditorum at the Kenneth More Theatre

Box Office : 020 8553 4466
(credit cards bookings available)

Stephen Spettigue Mr Bruce Kitchener
Colonel Sir Francis Chesney Mr Julian White
Jack Chesney Mr Eugene Smith
Charley Wyckham Mr Andy Moseley
Lord Fancourt Babberley Mr Colin Imber
Brassett Mr Terence Lamb
Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez Mrs Joy Wilkinson
Amy Spettigue Miss Katie Traxton
Kitty Verdun Miss Elizabeth Saunders
Ela Delahay Miss Laura Wallbridge
This classic evergreen farce is set in Oxford during Commemoration Week. The imminent visit of Charles Wykeham's aunt from Brazil, Donna Lucia, provides an excuse for Charles and Jack to invite their young ladies to meet here. When a telegram arrives postponing Donna Lucia's visit, they persuade their amiable friend Babbs (since they must have a chaperon) to impersonate the aunt. Here the fun begins, Babbs thoroughly enjoys being kissed and caressed by the girls and receiving their confidences, but finds ingenuity severely taxed when brought face to face with the real Donna Lucia. Moreover, Donna Lucia amuses herself by concealing her identity while declaring that she knew Donna Lucia's husband most intimately...